About our healthcare center

Customer analysis was done and potential beneficiaries include;

  • People with Psychological challenges
  • Populations at risk (Widows, children, elderly, traumatized persons, substance abusers).
  • Institutions (Training, communication strategies)
  • Business enterprises
  • Organizations



Welcome to Della Psychology and healthcare center

Della Psychology and healthcare center was incorporated/founded on the premise to provide technical yet desired services on a wide range of issues pertinent with the clientele with highly specialized individual proven and tested to accomplish tasks within the stipulated terms as well as requirement of service.

To be a premier company providing a wide range of highly specialized services.

To be a leading center for holistic health, rehabilitation, training, management, building of societies and organizations through capacity and provision of healthcare services.

• To offer psychotherapy to people faced with mental health challenges for better self-management
• To provide consultancy services for sustainable program both cooperate and government owned organizations
• To conduct research and competence on relevant disciplines for relevance and application of intervention
• Design a programme that caters for the HIV/AIDS healthcare needs of the ex-prisoners.

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